Well, to those who are curious or not as to why I won’t reblog anything for a month, and to those I haven’t told but am close-enough to and friends with…I am going away for a month to work somewhere I won’t have internet connection at. That’s right, but rest assured that I’ll be back and resume my reblogging and stuff (but if you don’t like this or have a problem with, feel free to unfollow).

Don’t miss me too much now~XD

See you all. Stay well and safe.

"Echo far and wide, my prayer. Our reverberating singing voices. Painted a momentary light, illuminating a single flower. I want to keep our hands connected. And always be with you.”

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i finished punpun


i finished punpun

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TK – Unravel (126,343 plays)


Unravel - TK
Tokyo Ghoul Full Opening Song

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Disappoint your family, friends, and those around you in ONE easy step!

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Mikoshiba Seijuro - free! eternal summer ep1

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